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Vehicle Counting

AI-Powered Vehicle Counting by EdgeSkope AI

  • Manage lot occupancy, reduce wait times
  • Track vehicles for on-time deliveries
  • Set alerts for unauthorized vehicle access
  • Identify high-spending customer patterns
  • Track wait times, optimize staffing for drive-thrus&curbside pickup
  • Analyze trends for better inventory management


Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection with EdgeSkope AI Solutions

EdgeSkope AI Vehicle Detection goes beyond basic car counting. Our cutting-edge AI analyzes camera footage to precisely identify various vehicle types in real-time:

  • High-Precision Object Recognition: Accurately identify cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, vans, and lorries with minimal errors.
  • Real-Time Insights: Gain immediate data on vehicle activity for swift decision-making. There’s no delay – detections are reflected instantly.
  • 24/7 Operation: EdgeSkope AI operates around the clock, ensuring you never miss a beat, regardless of time or weather conditions.
Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting

Precise Vehicle Counting with EdgeSkope AI

Knowing the volume of vehicles entering and exiting your location is crucial. EdgeSkope AI Vehicle Counting provides a precise picture of traffic patterns:

  • Accurate Counting: Eliminate the need for manual counting and its inaccuracies. Our AI algorithms ensure precise vehicle counts.
  • Directional Tracking: Track vehicles entering and exiting separately. This provides a deeper understanding of traffic flow within your parking lot or designated zones.
  • Historical Data Analysis: Gain insights into historical trends. Analyze daily, weekly, or monthly data to identify peak periods and optimize operations accordingly.
  • Data Visualization: Intuitive dashboards present vehicle count data in clear visualizations, allowing for easy analysis and informed decision-making.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition with EdgeSkope AI

Further enhance your vehicle tracking capabilities with EdgeSkope AI optional LPR module:

  • Automatic Identification: LPR cameras capture and analyze license plate data, enabling vehicle identification and tracking upon entry/exit.
  • Enhanced Security: Monitor restricted areas and receive alerts for unauthorized vehicle access, deterring theft and improving overall security.
  • High-Value Customer Targeting (with consent): Identify high-spending customer patterns based on license plate data (with proper customer consent) for targeted marketing strategies.


How it Works?

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Effortless Installation

Discreet cameras and sensors are strategically placed in parking lots and designated zones, requiring minimal disruption.

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AI-Powered Vehicle Detection

Cutting-edge AI algorithms analyze camera footage, precisely identifying and tracking vehicle activity in real-time.

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Actionable Data & Insights

EdgeSkope AI transforms raw data into actionable insights like occupancy rates, dwell times, and traffic patterns.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Intuitive dashboards provide real-time data visualization and reporting tools, empowering you to optimize operations and elevate the customer experience.

Use Cases


  • Distinguish between cars, trucks, and delivery vehicles
  • Identify high-traffic zones
  • Predict peak shopping hours
  • Optimize staffing levels

Transportation Hubs

  • Track peak vehicle arrival times
  • Predict future traffic patterns
  • Detect emergency vehicles and prioritize
  • Track vehicle categories to manage traffic

Event Venues

  • Ensure smooth operations by differentiating between crew vehicles, guest vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

EdgeSkope AI empowers a smarter and more secure future