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Footfall Counting

AI-Powered Footfall Counting by EdgeSkope AI

  • View Real-Time Traffic Patterns with Footfall Tracking
  • Heatmaps for Smarter Product Placement
  • Eliminate Manual Errors, Gain Real-Time Footfall Measurements
  • Dwell Time Reveals Product Engagement
  • Actionable Analytics Drive Informed Decisions
  • Seamless Integration, Simplified Management


Store Layout Optimization

Smarter Store Layouts with EdgeSkope AI solutions

EdgeSkope AI leverages AI footfall tracking to help you optimize your store layout for maximum sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Identify customer flow patterns: Understand how customers navigate your store to optimize product placement and create a more intuitive shopping experience.
  • Heatmap visualization: See high-traffic areas at a glance and make informed decisions about product placement and display strategies.
  • Test & Experiment: Effortlessly experiment with different layouts to see what drives sales and customer engagement without disrupting daily operations.
  • Boost conversion rates: Optimize your layout based on customer behavior to lead them seamlessly towards purchases.
Store Layout Optimization
Store Staff Optimization

Store Staff Optimization

Optimize Your Workforce with EdgeSkope AI solutions

EdgeSkope AI provides insights to optimize staffing levels and foster a collaborative work environment.

  • Data-driven staffing: Schedule the right number of staff based on real-time footfall data to ensure excellent customer service during peak hours.
  • Improve staff efficiency: Analyze staff movement patterns to optimize scheduling and identify areas where workflow can be streamlined.
  • Enhanced communication: Facilitate seamless communication between staff members across locations with a unified platform.
  • Boost employee engagement: Recognize and reward your team’s efforts to motivate staff and improve customer interactions.


How it Works?

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Effortless Installation

Our discreet cameras and sensors are strategically placed at entrances and exits, requiring minimal disruption to your store layout.

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AI-Powered Counting

AI algorithms analyze camera footage, precisely counting individual entries and exits, eliminating manual errors,and providing real-time footfall data.

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Actionable Insights Generation

Transform raw footfall data into actionable insights like heat maps, dwell times, and customer flow patterns.

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Data-Driven Optimization

Gain insights to optimize staffing, product placement, promotions, and make informed decisions to elevate your customer experience and boost sales.

Use Cases


  • Optimize store layout
  • Staffing optimization
  • Enhance security

Transportation Hubs

  • Passenger flow management
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Emergency preparedness


  • Optimize venue layout
  • Crowd management
  • Staff deployment

Gain True Customer Understanding with EdgeSkope AI