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OTT Development

Powering the Future of OTT with Innovative Development Solutions

OTT development is revolutionizing entertainment, offering viewers on-demand content and a personalized experience.
FastEdge solutions can significantly accelerate this trend by providing efficient content delivery, reducing latency, and ensuring a smooth streaming experience for users.

Tools and Technologies

Development Tools


Antroid Studio







Apple TV (tvOS)

Connected TV




 iPhone (iOS)

Android Mobile

OTT Products

  • Video Transcoding: Secure, scalable video processing. Customize presets for efficient, cost-effective delivery.
  • Asset Manager: Rich content library, low cost. Attract and retain customers with a diverse selection. Generate new revenue streams with AI insights.
  • Control Center: Manage platform from anywhere. Create marketing campaigns & control content for revenue assurance. Easy-to-use interface for fast service activation.
  • Packager: Integrate with existing workflows. Streamline workflow & reduce costs with CMAF support. Deliver content to any device for expanded reach.
  • Client App: Brand your user experience with a captivating UI. Engage users with features like Live TV, VOD & Parental Controls. Broad device compatibility maximizes your audience.
  • Ad Inserter: Seamless ad delivery for monetization. Personalize ads to boost revenue. No client app changes needed for easy integration.

OTT Application Services

FastEdge empowers you to build captivating OTT platforms with user-friendly interfaces, flawless video delivery, and powerful monetization features.

  • Expert Guidance & OTT-Ready Workflow
  • Effortless Delivery & Advanced Encoding
  • Security & HLS Encryption
  • Data-Driven Insights & Content Optimization
  • 24/7 Reduced Costs & CDN Integration
  • OTT Expertise & Ongoing Support
ott why fastedge

Why Choose FastEdge?

  • Fast Development and Deployment
  • Localized content delivery and real-time data processing
  • Simplified Development Process
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Cloud-Based Development Environment
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Let FastEdge be your partner in building a successful OTT experience