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FastEdge Tech Suite: Empowering AI and Digital Solutions

Leverage cutting-edge computer vision AI, build exceptional web experiences, and unlock transformative digital solutions – all under one roof.

Our Unique AI Solution Approach

Edge Vision AI
Our cost optimized edge vision AI models recognize objects, defects, people and their actions!
Generative AI Foundation
Our Generative AI translates languages on-the-fly and crafts informative answers based on your conversation history, all powered by cutting-edge AI.
Integrated Approach
By combining the strengths of generative AI and Edge Vision AI, we have created a unique solution that delivers unparalleled quality monitoring, contextual content generation and theft detection.

How we work?


Assess Scope

Determine Goals and Objectives.


Develop Solutions
Determine End-To-End Solutions. Select AI models, Vision Sensors.


Locate Sensors
Define vision sensors locations. Define data collection processes!.


Collect Data

Install and collect data, label and train AI models.


Train AI Models

Train AI models till we achieve desired accuracy


Derive Inference
Deploy Edge and Cloud models and derive Inference from field data!


Deliver & Improve
Deliver and enhance!

Elevating Customer Experiences Through Advanced AI Technology

  • AI & Vision Expertise: EdgeSkope utilizes cutting-edge AI and computer vision for deep audience insights, swiftly understanding consumer behavior.
  • Blazing-Fast Performance: Reduce latency and deliver exceptional user experiences with edge-based processing.
  • Edge AI Device Processing: Scale your applications effortlessly to meet fluctuating demands.
  • Real-time applications: Low latency is crucial for applications like online gaming, augmented reality, and autonomous vehicles.
  • IoT solutions: Process data generated by IoT devices at the edge for faster insights and decision-making.
  • Global applications: Deliver consistent performance to users around the world with edge-based processing.
Advanced AI Technology

Digital Solutions

Let's discuss how our technology expertise can help you achieve your business objectives