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Audience Measurement

EdgeSkope AI Measures Real Audience Engagement

  • Analyze who sees your digital billboards and gauge their level of engagement.
  • Go beyond basic metrics. Measure demographics, emotions, and attention levels in real-time.
  • Gain insights into true audience engagement, not just passive views.
  • EdgeSkope AI detects viewers and measures their attention, providing deeper audience understanding.



Know Your Audience with EdgeSkope AI Gain real-time insights into age, gender, and other demographics of your viewers. Craft targeted messages and visuals that resonate with specific audience segments.
  • Real-Time Audience Breakdown: Understand the composition of your audience for effective campaign development.
  • Actionable Segmentation: Create targeted campaigns based on demographics for better results.
  • Content Personalization: Tailor messaging and visuals to resonate with specific audience segments.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery: Trigger content variations based on real-time demographic data for a more personalized experience.
  • Campaign Performance by Demographic: Analyze engagement metrics for each demographic segment to refine targeting strategies.
People Count

People Count

Measure Reach with EdgeSkope AI

Track how many people see your signage and understand audience flow patterns. Optimize placement for maximum visibility and gauge campaign awareness.

  • Track Overall Audience Reach: Understand how many people see your digital signage.
  • Identify High-Traffic Areas: Optimize placement for maximum visibility based on people count data.
  • Campaign Awareness Insights: Gauge the effectiveness of your signage in raising awareness.
  • Foot Traffic Analysis: Track trends in foot traffic over time to understand audience flow patterns.
  • Compare Locations: Benchmark people count data across different signage locations for strategic insights.

Vehicle Count

Uncover Traffic Patterns with EdgeSkope AI

Gain insights into vehicle traffic patterns and demographics of drivers/passengers. Tailor content and promotions based on location to maximize impact.

  • Traffic Analysis & Demographics: Gain insights into vehicle traffic patterns and demographics of drivers/passengers.
  • Location-Based Targeting: Tailor content based on location and demographics revealed by vehicle count data.
  • Promote Relevant Products & Services: Target specific audiences with location-relevant promotions.
  • Schedule Optimization: Align content scheduling with peak traffic times based on vehicle count data.
  • Traffic Pattern Insights: Identify recurring traffic patterns to inform long-term content strategy
Vehicle Counting
Ad Engagement

Ad Engagement

Measure True Engagement with EdgeSkope AI

Track viewer attention and emotional response to your ads. Optimize content for maximum engagement and identify elements that resonate most effectively.

  • Attention Measurement: Track how long viewers look at your signage and their level of focus.
  • Actionable Analytics: Identify elements that capture the most attention and optimize future campaigns.
  • Emotional Response Analysis: Understand the emotional response your ads evoke (happiness, confusion, etc.).
  • Heatmap Analysis: Visually identify areas of highest attention within your ad content.
  • A/B Testing: Test different ad variations based on engagement data to optimize performance.


How it Works?

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Effortless Installation

Place sensors strategically on your digital signage or on vehicles above billboards for discreet audience measurement.

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Real-Time Data Collection

EdgeSkope AI AI-powered sensors anonymously capture audience data, including demographics, attention levels, and emotions.

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data processing purple03

EdgeSkope AI Data Processing

EdgeSkope AI powerful AI engine analyzes the collected data, extracting valuable insights into audience engagement.

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Actionable Insights & Reports

Gain comprehensive reports with clear visualizations, revealing who your audience is, how they interact with your displays, and what truly captures their attention.

Use Cases


  • Optimize Store Layouts
  • Targeted In-Store Promotions
  • Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

Digital Signage

  • Go Beyond Impressions
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Location-Based Targeting

DOOH Advertising

  • Measure Campaign Reach & Impact
  • Identify High-Traffic Locations
  • Optimize Scheduling

EdgeSkope AI empowers a smarter and more secure future through advanced audience measurement