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People Tracking

AI-Powered People Tracking by EdgeSkope AI

  • Track the number of people entering and exiting your store
  • Track customer movement throughout your store
  • Estimate the age and gender of individuals
  • Differentiate between staff and visitors, authorized and unauthorized personnel
  • Receive alerts for unusual activity or unauthorized entry
  • Generate detailed reports on customer traffic patterns, dwell times, and demographics


People Count

Continuous & Precise People Counting with EdgeSkope AI solutions

Eliminate manual counting errors, optimize staffing, and ensure compliance with automatic & continuous traffic data.

  • Automatic & Continuous Counting: Eliminate manual counting errors and gain real-time insights into customer traffic patterns (optimize staffing, improve customer service).
  • Live Occupancy Monitoring: Track occupancy levels in real-time to ensure compliance with regulations and optimize staffing (ensure compliance, improve operational efficiency).
  • Capacity Threshold Alerts: Set alerts to receive notifications when occupancy reaches predefined limits (ensure compliance, improve customer service).
People Count
Football Counting

People Footfall

Granular People Footfall with EdgeSkope AI solutions

Generate heatmaps, track dwell time, and identify popular browsing areas to optimize product placement and promotions.

  • Heatmap Generation: Generate visual heatmaps to identify high-traffic areas and understand customer flow patterns (optimize product placement, enhance discoverability).
  • Dwell Time Analysis: Track how long customers spend in specific zones to understand product engagement and optimize merchandising strategies (improve product placement, personalize the shopping experience).
  • Popular Browsing Area Identification: Identify areas where customers spend the most time browsing products (optimize product placement, improve promotions).

Age and Gender

Anonymized Demographics Estimation with EdgeSkope AI solutions

Gain age group and anonymized gender insights to tailor marketing campaigns and personalize experiences.

  • Age Group Insights: Gain insights into the age distribution of your visitors to tailor marketing campaigns and product offerings (personalize experiences, target marketing campaigns).
  • Anonymized Gender Distribution: Understand the anonymized gender distribution of your audience for targeted marketing strategies (personalize experiences, target marketing campaigns).
Age Gender

People Monitor

Responsible People Monitoring with EdgeSkope AI solutions

Track staff activity, set virtual zone monitoring, and receive unusual behavior alerts to enhance security.

  • Staff Activity Tracking: Track staff activity and optimize workstation presence for improved operational efficiency.
  • Virtual Zone Monitoring: Set virtual zones for restricted areas and receive real-time alerts for unauthorized access.
  • Unusual Behavior Detection: Receive alerts for unusual behavior or loitering to enhance security.


How it Works?

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Live Video Analysis

EdgeSkope AI utilizes anonymized video data to track people movement within your store.

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Person Detection & Counting

Our AI accurately detects and counts individual people, eliminating manual counting errors.

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Behavior Analysis

The system analyzes footfall patterns to identify anomalies and potential theft attempts.

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Actionable Alerts

Receive real-time notifications for suspicious activity, allowing for immediate response.

Use Cases


  • Deter shoplifting
  • Optimize staff allocation
  • Improve customer experience
  • Optimize staffing during peak shopping hours

Grocery Stores

  • Track customer flow
  • Manage checkout lines
  • Analyze dwell time in specific departments
  • Monitor high-value merchandise areas

Entertainment Venues

  • Ensure crowd control and safety
  • Analyze traffic patterns for efficient event management

Optimize Retail Operations with EdgeSkope AI People Tracker