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Theft Detection

EdgeSkope AI Secures Your Inventory

  • Track and count objects, products, packages with high accuracy
  • Get real-time insights into inventory levels
  • Reduce shrinkage and improve stock control
  • Improve Order Fulfilment Speed and Accuracy
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Data-Driven Decision Making


Object Detection

Real-Time Monitoring, Minimizing Shrinkage

Traditional methods struggle with comprehensive inventory tracking. EdgeSkope Retail AI offers a solution with advanced Vision AI for:

  • Track any object: Products, packages, kits, workers, even vehicles.
  • 100% accurate counts: Eliminate manual counting errors.
  • Real-time inventory insights: Track incoming & outgoing goods.
  • Monitor entry/exit points: People, vehicles, and more.
  • Secure loading/unloading areas: Products, packages, kits, workers, even vehicles.
  • Track any object: Products, packages, kits, workers, even vehicles.
Object Dection

AI-powered Text Decoding

Save Time and Money with AI-powered Label Decoding

Tired of manual label processing? Our cutting-edge AI automates it for you!

  • Effortless Label Detection: Our AI seamlessly identifies labels and stickers on packages.
  • QR & Barcode Reading: Gain instant insights with automatic QR code and barcode reading.
  • Advanced Text Extraction: Need more than codes? Our OCR technology extracts text from labels with high accuracy.

Security and Surveillance

Go beyond traditional surveillance with EdgeSkope AI solutions

Our technology automates tasks and provides valuable insights to elevate your security and operational efficiency.

  • Smart Video Analysis: AI analyzes video feeds, identifying objects and anomalies in real-time.
  • Instant Actionable Alerts: Get notified of suspicious activity for immediate intervention.
  • Secure Access Control: Use facial recognition or object detection for authorized entry only.


How it Works?

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Analyze Live Video Feeds

Utilize a network of cameras to analyze live video feeds in real-time, enabling comprehensive security coverage.

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Detect & Count Objects

Eliminate human error with exceptional object detection and counting accuracy.

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Identify Theft Attempts

Identify anomalies and potential theft attempts, triggering instant alerts for intervention.

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Receive Instant Alerts

Get real-time notifications for suspicious activity, allowing for immediate response.

Use Cases


  • Deter Shoplifting
  • Prevent Point-of-Sale (POS) Fraud
  • Secure High-Value Inventory


  • Secure Loading Docks
  • Track High-Risk Inventory
  • Prevent Internal Theft


  • Secure Production Lines
  • Prevent Diversion of Materials
  • Track Tool and Equipment

Stop Theft Before it Happens