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Security And Surveillance

EdgeGuard AI: Next Gen Vision Surveillance

  • Real-time integration with your existing surveillance systems & cameras
  • Automated monitoring of live video feeds
  • Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Audio Recognition, Mobile Identifier
  • Immediate alerts when unusual incidents occur
  • Cost effective and real-time
  • Leverages latest advances in AI technology

Advanced Security Features for Comprehensive Surveillance

Experience the power of our video analytics solution, leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver real-time insights into people, vehicles, and mobile devices. Our solution collects data, recognizes faces, reads license plates, detects mobile devices, provides alerts, and generates comprehensive reports, revolutionizing your surveillance and operational capabilities. It empowers national security agencies to gain real-time actionable insights from video feeds & multi-sensor data.

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Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition system provides instant detection and identification. Features include real-time recognition, visitor differentiation, camera integration, and alerts. Supports blacklist and whitelist uploads.

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License Plate Recognition

Real-time vehicle detection and tracking. Our system provides it's works in real-time and integrates with existing security systems. Logs vehicle entries and exits comprehensively, and alerts for suspicious vehicles.

Audio Recognition 1

Audio Recognition

Our audio recognition system uses AI to detect and identify sounds, providing real-time alerts for potential threats and enhancing security. Our audio recognition technology monitors and identifies unusual sounds, enabling proactive threat detection and seamless integration with existing security systems.

Mobile Identifier 1

Mobile Identifier

Our mobile identifier system utilizes IMSI, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals to detect and track mobile devices. Leveraging correlation techniques, our system provides comprehensive threat assessment. This enables preemptive threat mitigation and seamless integration with existing security infrastructures.

Specific Use cases

Unauthorized Entry Detection

EdgeGuard AI steps up your security with our intrusion detection feature and advanced Vision AI platform for restricted area monitoring.

  • Advanced Algorithms: Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning, our system continuously monitors video feeds for unauthorized access and unusual activity.
  • Immediate Threat Identification: Swiftly identifies and classifies intrusions, distinguishing between false alarms and real threats for precise security responses.
  • Alert Security Personnel: Ensures security staff are promptly alerted with relevant video evidence, enhancing response times and effectiveness.
  • Proactive Surveillance: Enhance safety with proactive monitoring that enables rapid responses to potential security breaches, bolstering overall protection.

Object Detection

EdgeGuard AI identifies object in real-time, ensuring swift security responses.

  • Real-Time Identification: Our solution identifies firearms with exceptional accuracy in live video feeds, ensuring swift and precise detection.
  • Immediate Alerts: Alerts security and authorities instantly upon object detection, providing exact location and live video footage for rapid response.
  • Risk Mitigation: Crucial capability in preventing incidents and mitigating risks effectively.
  • Peace of Mind: Acts as a deterrent and promotes peace of mind in educational and public spaces, fostering a secure environment for students, staff, and the public.

People Tracking

EdgeGuard AI integrates person re-identification, attribute & facial recognition for comprehensive people tracking.

  • Advanced AI capabilities: Enhance accuracy and efficiency with real-time detection and alerting features.
  • Future optimization: Positions EdgeGuard AI as a leading global solution for security personnel.
  • AI-Powered People Tracking: Revolutionizes surveillance with benefits like crime prevention, improved safety, and peace of mind.
  • Standard in security: Complete solution for the industry with continued AI investment for safer public spaces.

Suspect Identification and Restricted Area Security

EdgeGuard AI enhances security by identifying suspects in restricted areas, enabling real-time monitoring, alert generation, and robust security measures.
  • Suspect Identification: AI analyzes faces to identify suspects entering restricted areas, aiding in immediate security responses.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of restricted zones ensures proactive threat management and safety enforcement.
  • Alert Generation: Instant alerts notify security of unauthorized access, enabling swift intervention and risk mitigation.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Integrates advanced AI for precise suspect identification and robust perimeter security management.

Vehicle Tracking

EdgeGuard AI unifies security and access control with real-time vehicle tracking and AI-powered license plate recognition.

  • Proactive Security: Track vehicles, identify suspicious behavior, and receive real-time alerts.
  • Streamlined Access: Automate gate opening for authorized vehicles and streamline access control.
  • Data-Driven Efficiency: Analyze traffic patterns, optimize parking, and improve resource allocation.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: Eliminate human error with AI-powered license plate recognition.
  • Scalable Integration: Adapt to existing infrastructure and seamlessly integrate with various systems.
  • Privacy by Design: Ensure secure data storage and user-configurable privacy settings.

Mobile Device Tracking

EdgeGuard AI strengthen security at private events, restricted areas, and government premises with real-time mobile device tracking.

  • Strategic Sensor Deployment: Discreetly placed sensors detect Bluetooth, IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), and Wi-Fi signals from mobile devices.
  • AI-powered Signal Analysis: Advanced algorithms analyze the collected signal data to identify and track mobile device movement within the designated area.
  • Real-time Alerts and Monitoring: The system triggers instant alerts for unauthorized devices or suspicious movement patterns.
  • Enhanced Perimeter Security: Monitor restricted areas and prevent unauthorized access attempts.
  • Improved Crowd Management: Track device movement for better crowd control and incident response at events.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Ensure adherence to relevant data privacy laws and regulations.

Solution for Security & Surveillance

Real-time Threat Detection

EdgeGuard AI analyzes on-site video and multi-sensor data for rapid threat detection, reducing latency and conserving bandwidth.

Adaptive AI Models

Algorithms that evolve with new data and respond to emerging threats.

Predictive Analytics

Utilizes machine learning to analyze both historical and real-time data, forecasting future threats and facilitating proactive security measures.

Comprehensive Threat Assessment

Integrates advanced AI, real-time data processing, and multi-sensor data fusion for a robust and efficient perimeter security solution.


Real-Time Surveillance

  • Real-time video processing
  • High accuracy identification
  • Automated alert system
  • Prompt incident response
  • Comprehensive surveillance coverage
  • Secure environment ensured
Customized Solutions

  • Tailored security solutions
  • Prevents theft effectively
  • Monitors public areas
  • Detects suspicious activities
  • Improves employee safety
  • Addresses diverse needs
Easy Deployment and Support

  • Quick setup process
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless integration
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Customizable configurations
Cost-effective Solutions

  • Integrates with surveillance
  • Sends incident alerts
  • Provides relevant clips
  • Detects unusual incidents
  • Cost-effective solutione
  • Reduces human supervision