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EdgeSkope AI: Audience Measurement for Engaged Indoor Ads & Targeted Marketing

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This case study examines the implementation of EdgeSkope AI, an audience measurement solution, for our client’s indoor public screen network. The objective was to utilize audience measurement data to gain valuable insights into readership, enhance advertising targeting capabilities, and optimize content strategies for better engagement.

Our client, the digital network providers, operates various indoor advertising platforms, including digital signage networks, installing screens in public spaces, and integrating media content providers to stream the digital content to their screens. Their goal was to leverage audience measurement solutions to better understand their audience, attract advertisers, and improve advertising campaign effectiveness on the screens they are partnered with.

Business Problem / Opportunity:
The advertisements are streamlined for the region based as per the schedules. The client aimed to implement audience measurement solutions to gather accurate data like visitor counts, demographics of audience, advertisements reach on the regions, and attention duration by age classifications. They sought to refine their targeting strategies, offer more compelling advertising options, optimize content to drive higher engagement, measure business performance, and advertising performance.

Our client partnered with a media schedule platform to manage digital content delivery to their screens. To enhance audience data capture, client integrated AI-rich EdgeSkope AI audience measurement solutions into their screens, enabling effective data collection on age, gender, location, impressions, attention, and dwell time. The data was analyzed to generate insights about audience groups, unique visitors, and content preferences.
With audience measurement insights, real-time performance views of advertisements were provided to advertisers. Understanding audience preferences and behaviors allowed advertisers to tailor their content to cater to the interests and needs of different audience segments, resulting in increased engagement and readership.

Regular reports generated by the EdgeSkope AI solution provided client with detailed metrics on audience reach, impressions, and engagement rates. These insights enabled data-driven decisions for campaign effectiveness and future optimizations.
The audience measurement solution also acted as a security system, sending immediate alerts to local media partners during non-business hours when there were people impressions near the screens. This feature notified premises owners where the screens were placed.

Results and Benefits:
Implementing EdgeSkope AI solutions provided client with valuable insights into audience demographics, interests, and behavior. This allowed them to refine their advertising targeting strategies, ensuring advertisers reached the most relevant audience segments.
The availability of audience measurement data empowered client to make data-driven decisions, assess advertising campaign and screen performance, identify areas for improvement, and allocate resources effectively to maximize results. Additionally, the insights helped advertisers and media content providers optimize their offerings for enhanced audience engagement.