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Defect Detection in QC

Defect Detection with EdgeSkope AI

  • Trained on massive datasets
  • Detect even the tiniest anomalies on your production lines
  • Get instant alerts on defects
  • Identify potential equipment issues before they disrupt production.
  • Integrate into diverse manufacturing processes
  • Analyze products from all sides and on various textures Decision Making


Defect Detection

Defect Detection Solutions with EdgeSkope AI

From identifying subtle flaws in textiles to ensuring the sterility of pharmaceuticals, EdgeSkope AI helps you safeguard your production line and deliver exceptional products.

  • Fabric & Textile Defect Detection: Identify tears, snags, uneven weaving, color variations, and other defects on various fabrics during production.
  • Electronic Component Inspection: Eliminate manual counting errors.
  • Product Finishing & Assembly Line Inspection: Ensure consistent quality in final product finishing, identifying scratches, dents, improper assembly, or mismatched parts on a variety of manufactured goods.
  • Food & Beverage Production Inspection: Detect foreign objects, inconsistencies in size or shape, and potential contamination issues in food and beverage production lines.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Inspection: Ensure consistent quality and sterility of pharmaceutical products by identifying defects in tablets, capsules, and packaging materials.

Object Detection

Object Detection Solutions with EdgeSkope AI

Go beyond simple defect detection. Gain a holistic view of your production line with EdgeSkope AI-powered object detection solutions.

  • Assembly Line Object Tracking: Track components, parts, and sub-assemblies as they move through the production line, ensuring they reach the right stations at the right time.
  • Inventory Management & Part Counting: Gain real-time object counts at various stages of production for accurate inventory control and identification of potential stockouts.
  • Machine Tending & Robot Guidance: Enable robots to precisely locate, pick, and place objects for automated production processes.
  • Finished Product Inspection: Ensure all necessary components are present in the final product before packaging and shipping.
  • Packaging Line Object Verification: Verify the presence of correct items within packaging to minimize errors and ensure complete shipments.


How it Works?

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Effortless Installation

Smart cameras and sensors are strategically placed on production lines for unobtrusive monitoring.

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AI-Powered Defect Detection

Cutting-edge AI algorithms analyze camera footage in real-time, identifying defects with exceptional accuracy across multiple surfaces and dimensions.

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Actionable Alerts, Data Collection, & Process Adjustments

Real-time alerts notify operators of detected defects, while data is collected for analysis and reporting. Production processes are adjusted based on insights to minimize future occurrences.

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Continuous Improvement with Self-Learning AI

Leverage data insights and EdgeSkope AI self-learning AI to identify recurring defects, optimize processes, and achieve sustained quality control excellence.

Use Cases


  • Track car parts & components
  • Robot-assisted assembly
  • Defect detection in painted parts


  • PCB component tracking
  • Soldering quality inspection
  • Finished product verification


  • Tablet & capsule counting
  • Packaging line verification
  • Sterility inspection

EdgeSkope AI uses advanced defect detection for unmatched precision and reliability