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How AI DOOH systems will shape the future of marketing

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) billboards are becoming a larger and larger share of marketing and advertising budgets. This blog will try to find out how AI DOOH systems will shape the future of marketing and advertisement.

AI-enabled software can make DOOH displays more effective at targeting audiences by providing real-time analytics and reporting on actual audiences in front of DOOH frames.

How do AI DOOH systems work?

First, it’s important to understand that AI-enabled DOOH systems are not just regular digital displays. They have got built-in intelligence which allows them to track people passing by without human assistance. It can adapt according to the environment and interact with humans.

For example, if you stop in front of a digital billboard equipped with computer vision technology which is supported by artificial intelligence (AI), the system can automatically detect your presence and provide you with relevant ads.

The Audience Measurement system aggregates information about the audience in front of the screen over time and reports that to frame owners and can be used to generate proof-of-audience to advertisers.

How will AI DOOH systems shape the future of marketing?

The future is unpredictable & nothing’s guaranteed, right? Therefore, spending money on something you’re not sure about its success rate isn’t a good idea. So, to make you feel safe about your investment, we’ve got a few benefits for you.

Benefits of AI DOOH Systems:

  • Brand Awareness: DOOH excels in increasing awareness of your brand. Indoor and Outdoor DOOH boards are placed in the locations where your customers live, eat, play, and shop.
  • Better Ad Targeting: Thanks to advanced algorithms, AI Display Boards can collect parameters about the audience in front of the board which helps marketers & advertising agencies in better ad targeting; boosting ROI and increasing customer engagement.
  • More Data: The more data we have regarding customers, the better we can analyze and predict their future buying behavior. AI DOOH provides detailed demographics for the audience that has an opportunity to view each DOOH board, enabling advertisers to choose displays that maximize their ad buy dollars by focusing on boards that are already delivering their desired audience.
  • Smarter Campaigns: Not only do AI DOOH boards enable a better audience segmentation, they prove the audience for the boards. If an advertiser wants to buy 50,000 impressions, the ad can run until that number of impressions has been delivered because each opportunity to view is logged at the board.
  • Customization: AI DOOH systems are efficient because they allow marketers to set custom parameters for desired audiences according to their wishes. For example, publishers can ask them to specifically promote certain products in particular locations so that people from a particular area would see it more often and increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Future Capabilities: AI Display Boards will eventually allow advertisers to directly interact with them instead of going through multiple layers. So now marketers can easily design & implement their campaign without any legal or technical hassles, which eventually increases ROI.

The future of marketing has already begun! The reason behind the huge growth rate in DOOH is the evolving trends of digitalization and evolution of technology which had brought the price-performance of DOOH boards down and increased their capability to become the most provable and cost-efficient way to advertise.

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