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DOOH networks with EdgeSkope AI measurement attract top advertisers

Adding Artificial intelligence (AI) features to a Digital Out-of-Home advertising sign drives significant value for advertisers. In this blog we will learn about EdgeSkope AI Audience Measurement helps DOOH Networks

This is where AI comes in – Artificial Intelligence – which helps DOOH networks to benefit from improved audience measurement and targeting capabilities, thus helping advertisers improve their ROI. By harnessing the power of Internet-connected sensors that can be connected to just about any DOOH display device, advertisers are now able to better understand their consumers’ behavior and measure audience attention levels.

FastEdge‘s new Audience Measurement solution EdgeSkope AI helps DOOH networks attract top advertisers by combining off-the-shelf hardware with proprietary, AI-based software to provide a turnkey solution for gathering and communicating audience parameters.  The benefits of FastEdge’s Audience Measurement System include:

  • Real-Time feedback for both frame owners and advertisers
  • Full audience parameters, not statistics derived from stale audience samples
  • The ability to target specific demographics
  • The ability to manage ad campaigns to drive sales

How does FastEdge‘s EdgeSkope AI provide this value?

Data gathered from sensors attached to DOOH screens are gathered by FastEdge’s software and analyzed to calculate a variety of different audience metrics. These include:

• Audience attention levels – opportunity to see and likelihood to see.

• The demographics of the audience – age, gender, and ethnicity.

• In-depth behavior data including dwell time or how long an individual spends watching a particular screen either in isolation or collectively with other screens.

The data gathered from these sensors is then analyzed in real-time to give DOOH networks a means to make more informed real-time decisions when it comes to audience targeting, optimizing, or remarketing.

What are the benefits of having FastEdge’s new solution in place?

First, with this data at hand DOOH advertisers can plan which content should be presented on particular screens for maximum impact and engagement with consumers. Through interactive display networks, advertisers can customize their screen content to fit the demographic of a particular location.

For example, if an advertiser is targeting men aged 18-34 for a new men’s fragrance ad campaign, it would be ideal for them to have this ad shown on screens in locations such as bars and pubs where the average consumer is likely to be a young man.

On the other hand, if an advertiser was targeting female consumers for their cheese brand, the best place to advertise would be within a food court or near a grocery store.

Dynamic DOOH screens can be chosen from a large network based on proximity to the point of sale for a promoted product.  Engagement of viewers can be measured and compared to actual sales data in a given time period.  In this way advertisers can also see whether their ad has been successful in influencing consumer purchase behavior by tracking in-store traffic and sales.

With this level of data at their fingertips, advertisers can easily see whether their campaign has been successful or not and will be able to modify future campaigns based on real-time feedback from existing and prior campaigns.

This means they can plan more effective campaigns in the future, which will help them achieve higher success rates when it comes to influencing consumer purchase behavior.

By utilizing vision AI-based EdgeSkope AI, DOOH networks are able to accurately assess the performance of their entire network at any time which will enable more informed decisions about where and when to advertise. FastEdge, LLC is an AI technology development firm dedicated to using technology to make business decisions more accurate, timely, and profitable.

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