IoT: Unlock the Power of Connected Devices

Build robust digital ecosystems with our custom IoT development services. Seamless device integration, advanced data analytics, and user-centric dashboards empower you to manage your connected devices remotely.
  • Hardware Programming Languages: C/C++, Golang, C#, Scala and more
  • Cloud Platforms: Powerful platforms like AWS or Azure to store, manage, and analyze data.
  • Hardware Platforms: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, CHIP and more
  • Big Data Collection and Processing: Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, OpenTSDB, Elasticsearch and more
  • Big Data Analysis and ML: Grafana, Spark ML, Python, SciPy, PyTorch and more
  • Sensors: Proximity and presence, Temperature, Humidity and moisture, Water quality, Smoke detection, Motion and velocity, Chemical and gas, Infrared radiation, Acoustic, sound and vibration, Force, load and pressure, Electric and magnetic, Light (LDR), machine vision and more